Open Sesame

So I’ve been working on Sesame for about 4321467 years.

I threw it in a bag and left it for a while, because the endless stockinette stitch was driving me completely nutso – I still really like the pattern, and the end result is going to look great (I even got buttons I’m happy with). It’s just such mind-numbingly boring knitting.

I’ve also been thinking about why I knit – I think in the early days, I was knitting because I wanted a hat, or a scarf. And I really liked yarn. But I have scarves, I have hats, I have sweaters, I have dishcloths… why do I continue to knit?

I’ve started to realise that I’ve become a process knitter – I love the feel of yarn, I love the medatative act of knitting. The finished product doesn’t really matter to me all that much anymore. Of course I want to wear a sweater or use a bag when I’ve finished it, but that’s not where the real satisfaction is for me.

This is why I’ve struggled with the cardigan. It’s dull and fairly mindless, and that’s not what knitting is about for me anymore. I crave cables and lace, I want to do socks and stuffed toys and… yeah, I want to not be knitting these four hundred miles of stockinette.

Because I had decided that May was going to be “finish that UFO” month, I will finish this cardigan and I will wear it and I will love it… but I really want an Alice Starmore cabled sweater from hell next 😉


~ by palopinto on May 14, 2007.

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