Minisweater love and hate.

I love and hate this minisweater that I just finished.

I saw a gorgeous minisweater in a boutique in Queens Plaza (those of you from Brisbane will know Jigsaw? DROOL) a few weeks ago – retailed for $150. I am not made of money, so I decided to try and reproduce it. It was basically an elongated knit stitch, with panels of plain stockinette and garter stitch thrown in. The yarn was a cotton tape (not quite ribbon) and a thin metallic yarn, almost like thread. I already had some beautiful blue cotton tape in my stash from a sweater I recycled (thank goodness for thrift shops :)) so I bought some coordinating metallic thread and set to work designing my shrug.

In swatching, I found that I liked a regular repeat of the pattern better than the random rows of the original design.

The color is far more true in this photo than in the swatch photo.

The finished shrug. I absolutely love the shape. I did the back, front and sleeves as separate panels, sewed them all up, then did a few rounds of ribbing around the whole thing in a smaller needle to pull it in and give it shape. The original had short sleeves, but I prefer 3/4 length.

Looks pretty cute, yes/no?

Well, as cute as it is, I totally underestimated the size of my arms and my boobs, and this thing is too small. It’s perfectly proportioned, just for someone smaller than me. As I was setting the sleeve in, I kinda looked at it and though geez, this looks a little snug… and I was right. 😦 Off it goes to the gift basket.

Lessons learned? Measure twice, knit once 😉 Still, I love the stitch pattern and the overall effect, and it was a satisfying little knit.


~ by palopinto on May 15, 2007.

One Response to “Minisweater love and hate.”

  1. le sigh. :/

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