Success at last! (or yes, purple and lime green go together perfectly well, thankyouverymuchindeed)

Sesame is finally finished! 😀

I am delighted with the result of this project. As I mentioned before, the actual knitting was boring as hell, but I did learn a few new techniques along the way. Tubular cast-on, setting in sleeves, single-row buttonholes, cable cast-on… I think that’s it. I have to say, I love the tubular cast-on and plan to use it more in the future. It really does make a great edge.

It will be some time before I do a project with stripes again, due to the 234654324561 ends I had to weave in 😦

The Specs
Yarn – Bernats Cottontots in grape and jelly belly. I think I started out with 6 skeins of the grape and 5 of the jelly belly.
Needles – No 6 (4.25mm) Denise circulars
Time it took – Most of my life (don’t know really – started it and then got bored and shoved it in a bag)

Aside from the obvious math fudging for gauge, the pattern was followed more or less as written.

It’s soft, squishy, and I love it. However, this yarn does not hold up well to frogging or seaming – I should have used a different yarn to the seaming because it frayed and broke a few times, but I’ll get over it.

This cardigan is full of little flaws and imperfections which only another knitter would really notice… so it’s pretty lucky that I don’t know too many in real life, eh? 😉

Onto the photos!

Ohhhh so much seaming 😛

Hooray! The stripes actually line up!

Isn’t she purdy!

The ends 🙂



~ by palopinto on May 19, 2007.

4 Responses to “Success at last! (or yes, purple and lime green go together perfectly well, thankyouverymuchindeed)”

  1. LOVE IT!!! Can I borrow it when I come to your house? 😉

  2. Weeeeeellll… of course you can 😉 NOW GET YER TUCHUS OVER HERE!!!

  3. *cough* When are ya gonna buy my ticket?? 🙂

  4. *cough* When are ya gettin yer passport? 😉

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