Cable pop? I’d rather have a Cherry Coke.

Ben is coming along… I’m actually feeling kind of meh about this pattern so far… the cables aren’t “popping” as much as I’d like. They look OK, and I’ll keep going for a few more pattern repeats before I decide if this is a lost cause or not, but I’m not totally satisfied with it at this stage.

In non-knitting news (there’s another kind?) did you lot see the Origin last night?! That ref was a joke. I don’t think he’d ever seen a game of Rugby League before in his life! Ok, so Queensland won – I’m happy about that, but the points margin should have been much, much greater. Nathan Hindmarsh did NOT ground the ball on that first Blues try. No way. Total load of crap… but it’s a win, so I’ll be grateful for it, and hopefully the officiating is more consistant in the second and third matches.


~ by palopinto on May 23, 2007.

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