The sickness scarf

Because I’ve been sick lately, I haven’t wanted to work on Hubbyface’s sweater, so I did some mindless scarf knitting. I knitted vertically on some enormous circs that I made myself (dowels are a wonderful thing) because I couldn’t find any needles big enough with a long enough cord to do vertical scarves. I left a long tail at each color change for fringe, then decided there wasn’t enough fringe and went back and added some more.

Used 1 and a bit skeins of Paton’s Souffle (bought from the RSPCA Bargain Barn, hooray for thrift stores! :)) in bright friggin yellow, and most of a skein of Yarn Bee Soft Illusion in Sophisticate. This Yarn Bee stuff is incredibly soft, but it’s that acrylic soft that kinda feels plasticy at the same time. Still, I like the scarf, and it will probably be a birthday gift for my godmother in August.


~ by palopinto on June 3, 2007.

One Response to “The sickness scarf”

  1. 3 cheers for mindless knitting! How’s the cold? Any better? You should include photos of your self-made circs. I want to see them! (And possibly make some when I come to your house!)

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