Overprotective much?

There was MUCH drama in my house tonight.

You see, there was a POSSUM in the backyard.

Australian possums are quite different looking from American possums. For comparison:

Aussie Brushtail-possum – cute lil fellas!

American Opossum – not an attractive beastie.

So yeah – there was a possum in the backyard. Tessa the Brave decided that we had to be protected from the possum, so she proceeded to sit at the fence in front of the tree where the possum was sitting, and GLARE INTO IT. This dog could win awards for glaring at stuff – she is a real pro.

So the poor poss-poss, frozen with fear, wasn’t going anywhere, which made Tessa even more agitated, because it WOULDN’T MOVE. Every few seconds she’d cast a quick glance at me, as if to ask “Momma, why it not moving? Wanna catch it for you!!”

With the dog looking like she was about to launch herself over the fence, and the possum looking more and more nervous, I brought the dog inside and came back to look at the possum. He took one look at me as if to say “thanks for that mate” or “jeez, what took you so long?” and plopped down out of the tree onto the fence. He then proceeded to tight-rope along the top of the fence, going off to wherever it is that possums go.

Meanwhile, Tessa the Noisy was inside the house, making sure that her displeasure at being locked in was well understood by all. The whining and carrying on this dog is capable of is truly staggering. I came back in to knit, and she was still in guard mode. I caught this photo of her “guarding” me from the backyard possum invasion from inside the house:

Bravery like this deserves a medal!

When she caught me taking a photo, she was perfectly clear in her complete disdain for my cowardly behaviour in the face of such a clear and present danger from possum invasion.

“I disapprove of photography at a time like this.”

Meanwhile, in actual knitting content, the back of Ben is almost finished. Yay!

WWKIPD didn’t happen for me – I ended up at home all day. Oh well – I guess I needed a quiet one in.


~ by palopinto on June 10, 2007.

One Response to “Overprotective much?”

  1. Hi

    I love the colors you use, and the images are vivid and energetic. Great work, good site too. I’ll be in touch!


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