Ok, so updates haven’t happened – this is because my best friend on the planet and my dad have been visiting us for the past few weeks! That’s right, they flew all the way around the world to come and see me, and we have been busy beyond belief. We went to Cairns, did the reef thing up there, we’ve been all over Brisbane, we caught up with Italians, we ate ice cream bigger than our heads.

Ice cream… so big… gonna asplode!

We’ve been having a great time, and we have managed to fit in a bit of yarn fun too. K has started lace, and I have started sock, we’ll see how successful these ventures are when we get a bit further! 🙂

Dad’s been having fun too – he’s played I don’t even know how many rounds of golf so far, and looking to squeeze in at least one more before they leave on Saturday.

Man, I’m gonna be sad when they go, but I’m certainly enjoying having them here.


~ by palopinto on July 22, 2007.

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