Spring has sprung?

I dunno what season this is supposed to be, but it’s hot, y’all.

I am, however, quite inspired to get moving. I have the “spring is here, time to make some changes” bug. There are plenty of areas of my life that could use a change… which is part of my problem every year. It’s just so hard to decide where to start.

My house – gawd, the clutter around here is legendary. I have inherited a packrat gene from my mother’s side of the family, and I find it extremely difficult to purge myself of the detritus of life. You know – stuff. I can’t tell you what it is, because I have no idea until I come across it. Stuff that for one reason or another, I convinced myself to hang on to because either it had sentimental value, I thought I might use it again someday, I haven’t got around to using it, so-and-so gave it to me… the list of reasons I have for hanging on to stuff is pretty much endless. Logic has to intervene at some point – eventually I have to get to the stage where the stuff is taking over my life, and I think I’m getting there. I feel this overwhelming desire to declutter… but then the “OMG your grandma gave that to you when you were eight! You can’t possibly get rid of that!” kicks in and I get the guilts and I end up shoving whateveritis into the back of a drawer or whatever, and I’m right back where I started. I think I need to set some personal development goals in this area, and I’ll have to move slowly – a massive declutter would be a little too much for this delicate flower.

My body – yeah, again, loads of work to do here. My weight has very slowly crept up over the past couple of years, and while I’m not as enormous as I once was, I don’t feel entirely comfortable with where I am now. Exercise needs to be a priority in my life, but with a 2 hour commute and endless housecleaning, errands, etc… anyone who says it’s easy to fit exercise into their lives has to be full of crap, quite frankly. I don’t even have kids yet and I’m struggling to fit in exercise, life, work, social activities (heh, there’s another thing I need to work on – I am such a homebody, I really need to get out and see actual humans once in a while), I cannot imagine how working mothers manage it.

My garden – I would so much rather be outside, getting dirty in my garden beds, than doing housework or going out to see people or going to work. My grandfather was a farmer, my mother had no interest, it seems to have skipped a generation because I am all about digging, planting, mulching, etc. I love it – but again, either I have no time, or I look at the place and see how much work it needs and get discouraged because I can’t work out where to start.

So it’s a common theme with me – I am paralyzed into inactivity when I sit down and actually look at how much stuff I need/want to do. What do I do? Hire a cleaner to do some of the crappier jobs so I can try and enjoy my life a little, or maybe so I have enough time to actually go through that drawer full of junk? Give up on this house and find another one to fill up with stuff? Go on the cabbage soup diet? I have no idea.

So I’ll start small. I’ll eat a banana, clean the sink, and pull a few weeds. Is that progress?


~ by palopinto on September 16, 2007.

3 Responses to “Spring has sprung?”

  1. It’s a shame that we live on opposite sides of the globe. We could get together and do a joint de-culuttering! I’ve got boxes full o’ random junk that I just can’t seem to throw out. Maybe what we need is each other to say “Really, that ball of wax that you got from your Maw-Maw’s house? Totally needs to go.” I mean, seriously, do I really need to keep my report cards from when I was 8?? 😉

  2. p.s. a decluttering, even! (not a culuttering) d’oh….

  3. Exactly. The ball of wax, the report cards, the ribbon scraps that are too small to actually do anything with, the dried out markers that might come back to life someday but haven’t yet… gah.

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