Progress on the cabled cardigan is coming along – the back is completed and I’ve almost finished the left front. I’m having some anxiety about the fit, and matching the stripes, but other than that it’s going well.

This weekend P and I will be participating in Queensland’s Biggest Bike Ride. It’s 100km (Southbank to Southport), should take a little less than 4 hours to complete. I haven’t got the new bike yet, that’s still a few weeks away, but we’ve made a few modifications to my current bike to get it to fit better.

Other than that, life goes on at the Ponderosa, nothing particularly exciting. Tessa the dog has rediscovered a toy that she hasn’t touched for over a year – I think it suddenly became interesting again when Ax dropped it on her head 🙂 Maybe the next post will be a photo essay on the unbelievable cuteness of my woofmonster.


~ by palopinto on October 4, 2007.

One Response to “Whee!”

  1. I am going to love the cardi, squeeze the cardi, and call the cardi George. 😉
    P.S. I miss your big woof-head.

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