Making progress.

Today I spent much of my day working in my craft room. Not actually doing any craft, mind you, just trying to make a dent in the ever-mounting piles o’ crap that are taking over my life.

I worked on the closet (still a WIP), the bookcase (almost done), got the extraneous furniture out (the bed K slept on while she was here – I was actually sad to move it out, because it was as if she wouldn’t be coming back now that there was no bed in “her” room for her to sleep on), and just generally worked on the clutter. I said goodbye to my collection of dried up underglaze leftover from when I used to do ceramics, donated the tubs that were still potentially viable to the RSPCA Bargain Barn along with a heap of clothes and whatnot (you know, general stuff). Also got rid of the old crosstrainer exercise machine that I never use.

The results were quite satisfying, even though there is still a little bit to do.

The closet, closed of course (you didn’t think I’d post a photo of a half cleared out closet, did you?) – I added those hooks today. In the bags are my current knitting WIPs and some sweater pieces to be frogged.

The sewing machine corner. Don’t let the spinning wheel fool you. I cannot spin, and I’m reasonably sure this old wheel couldn’t possibly work anyway. I bought it at a flea market thinking I could make it work… but A. I have no idea how to make it work and B. I don’t know how I’d manage to learn. So it sits there looking pretty and occasionally wears a scarf.

The stash area. 1.5 silver mesh boxes containing yarn, the other half of the box contains finished projects waiting for a new home. There is also yarn in the wooden cabinet thing. 2 plastic tubs of fabric, and a bookshelf full of knitting books and assorted sundry craft books and magazines. And Fat-You Bertha, the glass head. This is a long story, and if anyone asks I’ll be more than happy to share 😉

The exercise equipment area – tramp, mat, dynaband, 2 handweights and a swissball. Exciting, yesno?

I think this is the most thrilling photo of all – CLEAN FLOOR SPACE. Unless you have been to my house, you have no idea how much that is worth. It’s the most amazing sight in the world. I even VACUUMED it, if you can believe that.

I actually feel like I’ve had a bit of a win. I sent P off to the Bargain Barn with all the donatables, I stayed at home. I figured it was safer that way – I am a sucker for op shops and I cannot help coming home with something… when the whole point of the exercise was to cut down on the stuff! He bought an old Trivial Pursuit game – one item, which is far better than I would have managed had I accompanied him.

So yeah, I got the mad decluttering skillz, yo!


~ by palopinto on October 6, 2007.

5 Responses to “Making progress.”

  1. Looks good! I need to do that to my whole house (including the vacuuming 😉

  2. I just hope I can keep the momentum going! 😉

  3. *sniff sniff* “My room” looks nekkid now. :*(

    (But seriously… nice work kiddo. I see our Supre bags came in handy!! I’m glad I left mine behind.)

  4. Hi palopinto!
    It’s your Coffee Cosy Swap pal, just checking out your blog and sniffing around for ideas. I think I’ve just had a flash of inspiration for your plunger thingy! I’m just worried about getting the shape/size right. Could you email me a photo or measure the dimensions for me?
    The craft room looks great!

  5. That looks fantastic! Any chance you could come over and do my craft room? Please?!?!

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