I used to love Halloween, but since I’ve moved to Australia, I’ve sort of lost the enthusiasm for it. Australians don’t seem to care much about Halloween, and it’s too hot this time of year to get terribly excited about anything, in my opinion. So there were no costumes, no trick or treatings, no spooky ghouls or anything for me this year.

Sadly, I kind of get the same about Christmas since I’ve come to Australia. It’s just so alien to what I grew up with. It’s hot (bloody, stinking, miserable hot), and it just seems so odd to see Christmas trees and decorations out in the middle of summer. I am trying to get into it for the benefit of the little monsters (2 nephews and the niece).

In knitting knews (haw haw) the tea cosy is coming along nicely… I’ve started the sleeve cap shaping on K‘s cardigan, all the other WIPs are languishing away in neglected-land. I’ve also spent entirely too much time looking at yarn on the intartubes… I need to suddenly become independently wealthy so I can buy all the yarn I want and just spend all day knitting it. Le sigh 🙂

One of my mates is asking “how hard is sewing? with a machine?” Try explaining the concept of bringing up bobbin thread to someone who has no idea how a sewing machine works. And is male. This should be fun – I can’t wait to see what he ends up with 🙂


~ by palopinto on November 2, 2007.

One Response to “Braaaaaiiiiinnnnnssss…”

  1. Why can’t we have all the yarn we want? And why can’t we just sit around and knit all day? And while I’m at it… why can’t we live in the same town so we can go to a “Dye Your Own Yarn” workshop?? 😉

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