Yesterday hubbyface and I went for the first bike ride since the biggun back in September.

I got a new bike months ago (Canondale Six13), but due to ongoing illness and weather issues, I hadn’t been able to ride it. I’m still not 100% healthy, but decided yesterday we’d give it a go anyway.

I managed about 12km! I was really pleased, given I’ve had a chest/throat infection for more than 4 weeks now, and I’ve stuffed my back from all the coughing. It was great!

In knitting knews, everyone loved the the face washers I gave as Christmas presents with a bar of yummy soap from The Body Shop and some other bits and pieces.

I’m up to the cuff on hubbyface’s second sock, which I will hopefully finish today or tomorrow. As my Christmas present to ME, I treated myself to the Harmony Sock Set so as soon as those puppies get here, I’m casting on another pair of socks 😉

Now, off to start my Sunday – who knows what the day will bring? I’m banking on boring, but we’ll see 😉


~ by palopinto on December 29, 2007.

One Response to “Bikes!”

  1. Lurve all the face washers! So pretty!

    I’m jealous about the Harmony Sock Set. It will probably be a good while before I get any Harmony needles. Stupid backorder. 😉

    So the bike ride was good? Not too painful considering all the infection and whatnot?

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