It’s mah berfday! Shake mah bootay!

Ahem. Yes. Well, my birthday came and went on January 23 (the gorgeous TwistedTexan has immortalised it better than I ever could so let’s just leave it there, shall we?). Too much lovely food was had, presents given, all-in-all a very happy Knit-nerd. 🙂 Hubbyface and I are talking about taking a weekend trip somewhere in the next couple of months as an extended birthday celebration, but I’m not sure yet where we’ll go. We saw this show last night talking about Australia Day and what it means to various sub-groups within the country, and there was a segment on Tongan-Australians, so now I want to go to Tonga. I’m pretty sure they’ve got exactly the right approach to life. Eat, sing, laugh, enjoy your family and friends and don’t sweat it. Maybe we can go to Tonga for a few days, that sounds like the right kind of lifestyle for me, even if just for a weekend.

I finished the Nutkin socks – all blocked and purdy! They fit reasonably well (bit tough to get on as the cuff doesn’t stretch much), and I think they’re just gorgeous. I also love the sock blockers, they make a huge difference to the finished objects.

Nutty Nutkin!

I’ve also done some dying. I bought some Moda Vera Adore from Spotlight in a black and white colourway, but soon realised that I probably wouldn’t knit plain black and white, especially since I’d just made socks for hubbyface in grey and black, it was too similar to that and I got pretty bored with the fairly monotone colours. I feel that if I’m going to spend my time making socks, they should jolly well be in colours I can’t get anywhere else. So I overdyed the Adore with yellow food colouring and created a new colour I call Yellow Jacket!


So I’ve been making a concerted effort to be more social these days. I’ve volunteered to organise knitting meetups in my area (if you want to attend one, please contact me!), trying to get out and be less of a hermit. It’s hard, since I do tend to feel most comfortable in my own house with people I know. I do find it hard to put myself out there and meet new people, but I consider it maybe one of my resolutions for the new year. So here’s hoping I can be less antisocial 🙂


~ by palopinto on January 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “It’s mah berfday! Shake mah bootay!”

  1. 1. I can haz sock blockerz? 😉
    2. The sock blockers REALLY make a difference! I can actually see the pattern. And they’re abfab, btw.
    3. The yellow overdye is really cool! I wish I had done that with mine. But alas, the greyskull socks were lost over the Christmas holidays. Much sadness. You’ll find that the Adore yarn softens up quite a bit after a few wash ‘n wears. 😉
    4. And hooray for being more social! I’m making an effort to do the same. ummm… so how’s that for the longest “comment” ever? Hee!

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