OMG knitting content!

Yup, it’s been a while, but I have been knittering away on some various things. I’ve even finished a few! Holy crap!

Just you TRY and tell me this man is not adorable. I dare you.

I finally finished Ben, which had been hibernating in the back of the queue for some time. I am extremely pleased with the result! I made it from Lima (purchased at Lincraft) which is a rayon/alpaca blend. Very soft, and has a nice sheen to it. Hubbyface is pretty pleased with it πŸ™‚ I’ve also made him a beanie and a matching scarf, since when he came back from Minnesota, one of the things he complained about was how cold his ears and neck were. Apparently it’s cold in Minnesota – who knew? I certainly didn’t, since I DIDN’T BLOODY GET TO COME ALONG. Ahem.

My girl K will be getting the leftover Lima. I bought far more than I needed, and I think there’s enough here for a sweatervest or something, so I will share the alpaca love πŸ˜‰

I also knitted a pair of sporty socks for P with Cascade Fixation – yarn which I have since discovered I hate, and will hopefully never use again. The stuff is annoying to work with, luckly P is happy with the result.

Maybe K will get the rest of my Fixation too πŸ˜‰

I’ve also started a pair of RPM socks with some Noro Kureyon Sock that P brought back for me from Minnesota – love the pattern, not so much love the yarn. It’s “crunchy” and hurts my hands after a while, and I must admit I am struggling to finish these. I like soft yarn. This stuff not soft. That sentence no verb.

Among my WIPs are the RPM socks, a Bettna jacket (from the Noro booklet “Noro Revisted”), the mitred squares shawl… I think that’s about it.

More later πŸ˜‰


~ by palopinto on April 16, 2008.

3 Responses to “OMG knitting content!”

  1. The sweater, hat and scarf are really nice. The will be perfect for the next time he comes to MN in deepest, darkest winter. I agree with you on Fixation. I have a skein of Noro sock yarn I haven’t talked myself into knitting yet. Tell me…have you found the inevitable knot with drastic color change yet?

  2. Yep – just as I finished up the toe, I got the knot… and it totally reversed the color pattern as well. Because I am too lazy to match the stripes, I just cut the knot out, spit spliced, and kept going. I don’t think my second skein of Noro sock is going to become socks. Something lacy maybe? Dunno yet.

  3. OMG! Lookit P, all covered up in knittery goodness! πŸ™‚

    P.S. Umm… the fixation??? Can stay in Oz. I’ve got enough of that annoying Noro-sock-crap to keep me irritated.

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