Domestic goddess extraordinaire!

I have once again set my mind to gardening, and planted some actual plants.

OH NOES!! Poor plants, you might think – they don’t stand a chance.

But wait! They actually DO stand a chance this time – because I had previously set in motion some plans to prepare for this momentous occasion. I purchased a compost bin, and have been adding leaves, lawn clippings, veggie and fruit peels, along with coffee grounds and tea leaves. A gorgeous, dark, warm organic breakdance was happening in my very own back yard! I also have a completely full 5000L rainwater tank, ready and willing to give my lovely little plants a drink when they need it.

I actually have had a veggie patch before – unfortunately it dried up and blew away in the summer heat when we went overseas and no one watered it for me (despite me asking someone to do it, but never mind). I had some beans, carrots, strawberries, and a few other little doomed sprouts. I did get to eat a couple of those things before they all died, but not much.

So now I have a well-dug garden bed, with lots of yummy compost, some new soil, all forked into the existing soil, and I have planted the following: “chocolate” capsicums (mini-black capsicums, black on the outside and burgandy on the inside, supposed to be sweet and good for salads), alpine strawberries, french beans and heritage tomatoes (4 colours – red, yellow, green and purple). I wanted to go for some plant that I can’t get in the supermarkets or veggie shops.

If this is a success, then I have another little patch of ground marked out to be more herbs and veggies, but I don’t want to get too ambitious just yet, don’t want to jinx myself πŸ˜‰

The reason for all this inspiration is because I’ve been reading “Jamie at Home” – this book is sensational and I cannot recommend it highly enough if you’re even remotely interested in cooking or growing your own food. The recipes are sensational, the tips for growing fruit and veg are great and the photography is gorgeous. By the way, K, you will be getting a copy of this for your housewarming present!!!!

So y’all keep your fingers and toes crossed for my wee little veggies, may they actually survive into fruitful productivity πŸ™‚


~ by palopinto on April 26, 2008.

3 Responses to “Domestic goddess extraordinaire!”

  1. Wow! Your back garden is going to be ah-maaazing once it’s finished! It’ll be your own little vertical oasis! πŸ˜€

    p.s. Which tier is the veggie patch on? I’m assuming it’s above shed level, but below the decking??

  2. It’s actually on the retaining wall, in that little strip outside the laundry as you go to the tank. I’ll take some photos today πŸ™‚

  3. You have no idea how depressing it is for me to find out that your winter growing season is longer than our summer growing season. It snowed here yesterday.

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