Simple pleasures.

Today we went to the Brisbane Markets to pick up some fruit, veg, and whatever else looked fresh and interesting. P and I took along the mother-in-law, sister-in-law, two nephews and the niece for a lovely day out listening to large ethnic men shouting about vegetables. It was very educational for the kids, let me tell y’all.

However the most exciting thing for me was the tomatoes. I absolutely adore tomatoes. I can’t get enough of them, they are one of my favorite foods. I like them grilled, raw, in sauce or stuffed and baked. I like them in absolutely any format you can think of. I have been so disappointed lately in the quality of the tomatoes in the grocery store, I stopped buying them there. I don’t make it to the fruit & veg shop as often as I’d like, so I’d been missing out on tomatoes for a while simply because the ones that were available to me were pale, hard, and had no flavor at all. They were tomato-shaped blandfruit.

Thanks to the market, I have rediscovered the tomato. I bought about a kilo of the reddest tomatoes I have seen in years, and the fragrance coming off these babies was just incredible. I brought them home, placed them on the counter (NOT in the fridge), and gently took one out of the bag. I sliced it, put it on a plate, and ground some sea salt and black pepper over the slices. Seriously, I was in tomato heaven. You could actually taste the freshness, the ripe tangy sweetness. It was exactly what a tomato is SUPPOSED to taste like. And they were cheap-o.

I ended up with baby zucchini, button squash, parsnips, pears, mandarins, grapes, free-range eggs, a loaf of freshly baked turkish bread, a bag of kipfler potatoes, and some green olives stuffed with preserved lemon (holycraptheseareincredibleomggonnadienowkthxbai). I am so pleased with this market 🙂 We’ll probably start going every fortnight to take advantage of the prices and the quality seasonal stuff, and I don’t intend to buy any produce from the supermarket if I can avoid it. It’s a long drive, but worth it.


~ by palopinto on May 3, 2008.

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