Stuff happens!

A veritable cornucopia of updates!

There has been knitting. Oh yes. I’ve nearly finished my Hooded Baby Blanket, and I’ve made two soakers.

I’ve also been working on a cardigan sort of intermittently, and pretty much given up on my Noro sock for the moment.

More fun, however, has been the exciting foray into preserving.

Last weekend, I served my carrot cake jam, warmed and drizzled over cheesecake, to my mother-in-law. She raved about it and wanted to know where I’d bought it. I told her I’d made it, and how I was enjoying making preserves but I couldn’t make any more until my jars were empty. MIL pipes up with “oh, about 30 years ago I bought a preserving kit I’ve never used, I think I’ve still got it under the house somewhere…”

Later that afternoon, my father-in-law comes in with this old, tattered cardboard box containing… a Fowlers Vacola Year Rounder.


She’d never even taken it out of the box – the warranty card and everything still inside. Completely new, pristine, and perfect in every way.


So last night, I washed everything, carefully read the instructions, and started a batch of Dilled Carrots.

I must seem carrot mad – it’s just because they’re cheap at the moment, OK?? 🙂

The preserver worked perfectly, the carrots look gorgeous, and I can’t wait to try them.

This is a lot of fun.


~ by palopinto on June 8, 2008.

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