The Great Knitting BBQ!

Yesterday was a bag full o fun, and more.

We had a good handful of knitters from Ravelry descend upon the house, with brownies and salads and slices and dips and mini-cupcakes and more! That’s right folks, P and I lifted the usual anti-social blanket which tends to cover our lives, and we had a great big BBQ party.

Hooboy, what fun. The knitters played outside, the non-knitters played inside. Some of us had spinning and weaving and knitting and crochet and… others played Illuminati and Fluxx and seemed to have a great time with fibre related pursuits (I can’t imagine that there are pursuits out there which don’t involve fibre, but hey – it takes all types to make a world, right? ;)) I am now inspired to tag along to the Queensland Spinners Weavers and Fibre Artists group to learn to spin too – just gotta get some supplies organised!

Tessawoof has made a friend for life with six-year-old Grace who kept feeding her mini-cupcakes. I wish I could have caught a photo of that, so darn adorable.

To those who came round yesterday – thanks so much for your company, we had a great time and we really appreciated it. Hope to see you all again soon! 🙂


~ by palopinto on October 4, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Great Knitting BBQ!”

  1. *le sigh* I wish I could have been there. 😦

    But the positive side is that once you learn how to use a drop spindle, then maybe you can teach me how to use MINE. hee!

  2. Thank you for organising it Jen. I had a GREAT time!

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