Things! They happen!

Quick update!

1. Finished the cardigan, at last! It’s currently winging its way over to TwistedTexan‘s house!

2. Made 4 out of the 5 wash cloths I plan to give as Christmas gifts… I love making wash cloths, they’re so quick and give me a chance to try out stitch patterns I wouldn’t ordinarily try. They’re like useful gauge swatches!

3. Cast on P’s second sock today because I was at home sick (and sick of knitting plain square wash cloths 😉

4. My sister’s boyfriend finally proposed to her! Yay! I can’t wait to find out when the wedding will be, although knowing my sister it will probably be a little while off. That’s OK – gives me plenty of time to come up with an embarassing story to tell at the reception. Hmm, if she reads this blog, she’ll probably muzzle me now 😉


~ by palopinto on December 6, 2007.

One Response to “Things! They happen!”

  1. Hooray! B will finally become an “official” member of the fam!
    P.S. And why haven’t you emailed me all the details yet?? Hmmm?? 🙂

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